It is our goal to stay up on the latest technologies in veterinary medicine. One way that we do this is by offering Magna Wave Therapy.

This therapy has been used in humans for years and it helps to treat pain and swelling. It also helps wounds and broken bones to heal faster.

In horses and dogs, it has been known to help them perform much better. They also seem to recover better from competition. Magna Wave therapy is used to reduce inflammation which promotes healing. It can be used for arthritis, surgery, and difficult wounds. It also helps performance horses because it increases circulation, blood oxygen, and range of motion. It also is used to relax muscle spasms and enhance muscle tone.

Magna Wave therapy is a safe alternative to medications since it does not have any side effects. We can even control the intensity of the waves, depending on the horse and their reaction. Many performance horses perform much better without drugs! Owners enjoy having winners without having to worry about testing.

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