Our clinic provides teeth cleaning services, digital dental radiology, and oral surgery for our patients.

For some of us (including Dr. Robertson), it is nearly impossible to adequately brush our pets teeth twice a day as needed to prevent periodontal disease. The good news is that with yearly teeth cleaning and intermittent brushing we can keep their teeth in great shape and help prevent periodontal disease!

Owners often think their dogs’ health is declining due to age – drinking more, playing less, or getting grumpy. However, these are often all signs of periodontal pain, which they can hide for years until it becomes bad enough that they can no longer eat. It is NOT normal for our pet’s breath to smell – this is an indication of toxic bacteria lining the gums, entering their bloodstream. This begins to affect their heart, even causing organ damage!

If you think your pet may be suffering from periodontal disease, please notify their veterinarian at their next visit!


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