At Bannon Woods Veterinary Hospital, we are abundantly fortunate here at Bannon Woods to have the privilege of treating ALL species! This allows us to invest in the “best of both worlds,” meaning your animals, large or small, are receiving the top care offered in every sector of veterinary medicine!

We are partcularly passionate about integrating advanced technology with holistic therapy options, allowing your companion to HEAL and regenerate instead of simply masking their ailment with medications.

As a Veterinarian, it is imperative to correctly diagnose a lameness condition, whether it be for your aging Labrador or your competing Warmblood! In addition, as pet owners ourselves, we understand the necessity to provide high-quality, innovative TREATMENT once the condition is diagnosed.

When our companions are in pain, time is of the essence – we offer comprehensive therapy from start to finish, because we understand how important trust is to the doctor-client relationship. From annual wellness, to advanced surgical repairs, to hospitalization and supportive care – we will care for your companion every step of the way!

Surgical Services

We offer a comprehensive list of surgical services, from routine spays and neuters through full orthopedic repairs. Our veterinarians attend regular continuing education to strengthen their skills and bring back the latest technology and techniques to our hospital. Here at Bannon Woods, we take anesthesia very seriously, taking every necessary precaution to ensure the well-being of your baby. Every surgical patient has their own dedicated nurse anesthetist, counting every heartbeat and feeling every breath. There is truly no such thing as being “too old” for anesthesia; which advancements in anesthetic medication and monitoring, even geriatric heart patients are candidates for the life-improving procedures that they need.

It is not enough to diagnose a problem – we fix them, too! Some of the surgical procedures we perform include: dental surgery, abdominal exploration, soft palate reduction and rhinoplasty in brachycephalic breeds, tendon splitting, CCL repair, TPLO repair, MPL restructuring, fracture repair, arthroscopy, endoscopy, and more.


Diagnostic Services

You know when something isn’t right with your pet. Thanks to our wide array of diagnostic options, we can “get to the bottom of” their problem so that we can get them back on track! We believed in the combined power of diagnostics, with the very base level including comprehensive bloodwork and radiographs. Our pets cannot tell us where it hurts, so we have to find out – the veterinary medicine way! 

Diagnostic options include: thermography, full in-house laboratory, radiography including ambulatory units, full ultrasonography including echo, cytology, and more.


Preventative Medicine

Your pet doesn’t have to be acutely sick to benefit from veterinary care. For example, breeds that are at risk for hip dysplasia can benefit from chiropractic treatments as early as puppyhood to help prevent joint laxity. When it comes to joint health, there is no such thing as not being “bad enough” to treat. For instance, many techniques have become available that stop or alleviate joint pain from the beginning, instead of waiting until the problem becomes surgical.

In fact, Bannon Woods Veterinary Hospital was the first veterinary hospital in the United States to begin trials for Noltrex, a synthetic joint injection fluid that is non-degradable, replacing the natural cushioning of the joint. We have had such great success with this product that is has become a part of our preferred orthopedic surgery protocol! 

Other modalities such as thermography and laser therapy help find and ease pain before it starts, or just as it is beginning! 

If you are interested in improving your pet’s comfort and longevity, contact our office today to discuss preventative care in your companions!    (502) 363-6304


Rehabilitative Therapy

Just like us, our pets require individualized therapeutic therapy plans to fully recover from an injury. For instance, pets recovering from othropedic surgeries benefit greatly from anti-inflammatory laser treatments, instead of simply adding more medication! In addition, there are many injuries that are non-surgical and require total therapeutic intervention, such as Shockwave or chiropractic therapy.

We have helped fully paralyzed patients walk again with just the power of chiropractic treatments. Our companions are very resilient and incredible self-healers, if given the tools to succeed!

If your pet has been dealing with a chronic injury, consider contacting our office to learn about the latest therapies in veterinary medicine!



For some of us (including Dr. Robertson), it is nearly impossible to adequately brush our pets teeth twice a day as needed to prevent periodontal disease. The good news is that with yearly teeth cleaning and intermittent brushing we can keep their teeth in great shape and help prevent periodontal disease!

Owners often think their dogs’ health is declining due to age – drinking more, playing less, or getting grumpy. However, these are often all signs of periodontal pain, which they can hide for years until it becomes bad enough that they can no longer eat. It is NOT normal for our pet’s breath to smell – this is an indication of toxic bacteria lining the gums, entering their bloodstream. This begins to affect their heart, even causing organ damage!