Pamper Your Pets For the New Year

Start the New Year right and treat your fur babies to some tender, loving care. Give them a new style or a makeover with our grooming services. Or soothe old pets’ joint aches and pains with chiropractic treatments. Make the start of 2022 a great time for your fur babies! 

Grooming Services Give Your Pet a New Style for New Year 

Whether your pet only needs a shampoo and blowout or full head-to-tail grooming service, our team of professional pet groomers at Bannon Woods will give your pet the look and smell you’ll absolutely love. Have a look at our pet spa services below.

Splash N Dash Prices:

Under 25#: $35

Over 25#: $40

Over 100#: $45

Ths includes nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, therapeutic bath, blowdry, bandana/bow, and hypoallergenic perfume.

Full Grooms:

Small: $45-55

Breeds such as Yorkie, Shih Tzu, Poodle, Pomeranian, etc.

Medium: $55-75

Breeds such as Sheltie, Schnauzer, Aussie, Cocker Spaniel, etc.

Large: $75-105

Breeds like Standard Poodle, GSD, Husky, Doodles, Goldens, etc.

X-Large: $105-135

Breeds like Great Pyrennes, Saint Bernards, Akita, etc.

The Works: $23

Includes Specialty Shampoo, Deep Coat Conditioner, Nail Grind.

Puppy Trims: $25-35

Face/Feet/Fanny: $35-50

Nail Polish: $10

Specialty Shampoos: $7

Deep Coat Conditioners: $7-10

Nail Grind: $13

Ready to spoil your pet with his favorite spa treatment? Schedule your pet grooming appointment at Bannon Woods now!

Chiropractic Creature Comforts for Cats and Dogs 

Old pets can feel young again! Bannon Woods offers chiropractic treatments to soothe your fur babies’ aching joints. Not only is this great as routine maintenance, but it can also be used after acute injuries!

If your dog or cat is having trouble getting up, going up or down stairs, or other signs of slowing mobility, chiropractic treatments can help. Even in cases of complete paralysis, we have had patients walk again after their treatment.

Chiropractic treatments can be part of a wider rehabilitation and therapy regimen for pets who experience discomfort or impaired function associated with injuries, chronic conditions, or elderly diseases. Chiropractic care can be used in conjunction with treatments such as:

* Acupuncture

* Laser therapy

* Underwater treadmill therapy

* Range of motion therapy using the fit paws gym

Sports medicine and regenerative therapy is our passion! Reach out to Bannon Woods for veterinary joint treatments!


Reach out to our veterinarians at Bannon Woods Veterinary Hospital today to get professional advice for your pet’s conditions. We serve Louisville, Kentucky and surrounding areas including Jeffersonville, Clarksville, New Albany, Newburg, Okolona, and more