Digital Ultrasound for Small Animals

Here at Bannon Woods, we take our patients’ health concerns seriously! We offer a wide range of in-house diagnostics so that if your pet has a problem, we have the best chances of finding it – and fast!

Ultrasound is an important tool in many situations! From measuring unborn puppies by their heartbeats, to inspecting the soundness of tendons, through evaluating internal organs – ultrasound helps us do it all.

Services incluide comprehensive internal ultrasound measurement, echocardiogram, fluid measurement and analysis, and more!

Equine Digital & Ambulatory Ultrasound

 With our ultrasound therapy we can send images and video clips of your horse’s exam. Our system has the ability to take 3D images to better access the extent of tendon damage, allowing a comprehensive view of the tendon to be accessed!

We can take a “panoramic view” of the entire fore or hind limb from the carpus and hock down. This allows us to give you a continuous image as opposed to bits and pieces that often accompany examinations!

We feel that documentation allows for better case follow-ups to determine and monitor therapy choices. The documentation also allows for an exceptional added value for prepurchase examinations.