For some of us, it is nearly impossible to adequately brush our pets teeth twice a day as needed. The good news is that with twice a year teeth cleaning and intermittent brushing we can keep their teeth in great shape and help prevent periodontal disease.

Our clinic provides teeth cleaning services, digital dental radiology, and oral surgery for our patients. Patients have their teeth cleaned under general anesthesia to be able to provide a pain free dental visit. All patients at our hospital will have pre-anesthetic bloodwork preformed. This bloodwork along with their physical exam is the best way to make sure there are no hidden health problems that could affect your pets ability to undergo the procedure. All patients have an intraveneous catheter placed and will receive warmed IV fluids during the dental cleaning. Patients are monitored by a dedicated anesthetic technician at all times during and after any anesthetic procedure closely and continuously with advanced anesthetic monitoring equipment. The anesthesia technicians sole responsibility is to watch your pet take every breath, ensuring the vital signs are monitored and your pet is comfortable. At our hospital, a second Veterinary technician will preform a thorough dental cleaning and then the Doctor will preform the final examination with dental probing for diagnostics before your pet is awake. Dental radiographs will be taken when necessary and a plan for your pets dental care will be made. We take great pride in providing the highest quality dental care for our patients in a pain free, low stress visit. Dental patients go home the same day of their procedure.