Lameness Treatment for Horses at Bannon Woods

Our veterinarians are more than just doctors. They also compete in various horse sports and competitions including Barrel Racing, Dressage, Hunter, Saddle Seat and Ranch Horse. With their veterinary knowledge and riding experience, our doctors understand your performance horses very well and can effectively treat equine lameness.


With the use of Digital Radiology, Digital Ultrasound, and thorough Lameness Evaluations, your horses will be properly diagnosed and treated so they can be in their best health and deliver their best performance in no time. 


Digital Radiology

Digital Radiology is an advanced form of X-ray inspection that produces very clear digital radiographic images instantly on a computer. This is an invaluable tool for treating lameness in horses as it allows our vets to see current and previous bone and joint injuries, and occasionally, soft tissues.


We have two digital radiology units at Bannon Woods. One for use on the farm and one for use in the hospital. The images are processed instantaneously and can be viewed and manipulated by our doctors stall-side. 


This allows our vets to reach an immediate diagnosis and get your equine friend on the road to recovery right away.


Digital Ultrasound

Lameness is usually caused by pain in the musculoskeletal system (muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, or joints) resulting in abnormalities in the horse’s walk, trot, or canter. This makes diagnostic imaging like digital radiology and ultrasound crucial tools for treating lameness. 


Our ultrasound therapy allows us to diagnose and monitor soft tissues, such as tendons and ligaments. We can send images and video clips of your horse’s exam and reach a diagnosis so they can get started on their rehabilitation program sooner. 


Our system also has the ability to take 3D images to better assess the extent of tendon damage and allows us to take a “panoramic view” of the entire fore or hind limb from the carpus and hock down. 


With our system, we can give you a continuous image as opposed to bits and pieces that often accompany examinations. We feel that documentation allows for better case follow ups to determine and monitor therapy choices. 


Lameness Evaluation

An accurate diagnosis is the key to successful treatment of lameness. So our vets will first identify the source of your horse’s lameness and work with you to determine the best treatments available.


To do this, we take into consideration your horse’s history, an evaluation of the horse at rest and in motion (this can include under saddle, doing his intended job), perform a thorough hands-on exam, application of hoof testers and joint flexion tests.


Once a specific part of the limb is isolated as the cause of the lameness, we will then recommend the most appropriate treatments for your horses to go through. Potential treatments can include chiropractic, IRAP therapy, joint injections, PRP, stem cell therapy, rehabilitation programs, shockwave therapy, Noltrex, and arthroscopy. 


Get Your Horses Treated for Lameness at Bannon Woods 

Lameness should be evaluated as soon as it is recognized. Otherwise, your horse can be permanently lame. Schedule a consultation at Bannon Woods to restore your horses health and performance in no time. With our advanced technology and equine lameness expertise, we look forward to getting your horse healthy and sound.