We are excited to introduce a new product for the treatment of joint disease. We are now using the synthetic joint lubricant “Noltrex” at that is an inert, non-degradable viscoelastic product.

This product was developed in Europe as a human product for use in people that were unable to undergo surgery (such as knee replacement) due to anesthetic risks. i.e. elderly and compromised patients that had pain from degenerative joint disease. This product is administered as an intrarticular joint injection and in our Veterinary patients minimal sedation is required for injection.

Noltrex coats the joint surface and reduces the mechanical stress to the joint. When a joint has arthritis, the cushion that protects the bones from rubbing together (the cartilage) is eroded. The pain associated from bone to bone contact is extreme.

Noltrex is has not been FDA approved in the United States at this time however, Bannon Woods Veterinary Clinic is participating in the ongoing clincial trials. We are the ONLY CLINIC IN THE UNITED STATES that is using this product in small animals and one of the few in horses.

So far the results have been incredible!

We have added Noltrex to our Orthopedic protocol for joint surgery in all species at this time as an ongoing effort to provide high quality medicine and surgery for our patients.